aims & objectives

It is the matter of joy and pride for all of us that the college is started to provide education and degree to mass, training centeres for compute education and skill development, schools, reading rooms and computer education to make people more conscious towards education. Our organisation was more attentive especially for the education of ladies, the helpless and disable persons of the society. We offer such trainings to the members of the society to get the employment opportunity.

We want to make the people of Urban and Rural people conscious about their health. For this purpose, we establish some camps for the treatment of the patient and donation camps and the camps for the operation of the persons suffering from ey trouble. We want to make people attentive towards some serous diseases like AIDS and Leprosy.

Environment plays a very important role in our life. We should be aware of the surroundings. We want to train in this regard. We want to explain them the value of the environment. We ask them to save the environment and grow more trees. People should be aware of water saving policy, the best use of cow dung as Gobar Gas which can be used as the energy. Page 1 | Page 2